Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST.

First of all, we wish to thank with gratitude each one of you for taking a moment to pray for HEAVEN’S CULTURE School of Worship 2012. We take this opportunity to give you the report so that you would join us in praising God for all the wondrous things HE has done amidst us.

School of Worship had been an extra-ordinary glorious journey. We had 32 students this year coming from places like Hyderabad, Kurnool, Tirupathi, Vijayawada and other parts of Guntur and Krishna Districts.

From DAY 1, the hunger and thirst these students have shown is inexplicable. We believe that God could not contain himself in heaven and visited us, as we witnessed His glorious presence each and every day encountering the students in a new dimension they have never known before. They have been filled with “new wine” which is tastier than the old that can influence this generation with new level of love and intimacy for GOD.

This 2012 batch has been prophesied to be an army that is extremely passionate for His presence and will move in purity and holiness and do marvelous things for GOD in this generation. Revelatory teachings by many precious men of God have greatly impacted their lives.

We heartfully thank Pastor Cleophas David, Dr.David Rayi, Pastor Danny Modi, Pastor Priji Varghese, Bro.Daniel Kiran and Bro.Kripal Mohan for spending their valuable time with the students and sharing the heart of GOD. We also express our deep gratitude towards the church who sowed into the lives of the students in prayer and financially to make the dream of God (rebuilding the tabernacle of David) come true.

We are still excited to see what more God is about to do with these 32 precious children of God. We beyond doubt believe that greater things are yet to come, and greater things are still to be done. We are not gonna give up until He has established what He has purposed to do.

We also thank Bro.Tychicus, Bro.Stephen, Sis.Anindita and Sis.Indira who has been the helping hand in making this school possible in such a great way. The whole team is blessed by the guidance of Pastor Sujatha Roy, Sr.Pastor – New Covenant Worship Centre.

Thank you one and all. All we need is your prayers to keep us focussed and be faithful towards our call for GOD. See you again folks!!

In the service of the Most High

Samuel Anand

Director, School of Worship


INFLAME 2012 – Prophetic Worship Conference

Hi Friends!

It gives us so much pleasure to meet you all again this way after DOWNPOUR 2012. Hope you are guided by God in all the areas of life and walking with GOD in an unbroken communion with HIM.

This time we do come with a much more exciting news. And it is all about INFLAME – a one day prophetic worship conference on 17th April 2012, here in Vijayawada again. Now go ahead to have a clear idea of what it is!

Worshiping God in a prophetic way can change the heart of the worshiper.

Samuel said the following to Saul about a supernatural worship experience: “You will meet a group of prophets coming down from the high place with a stringed instrument, a tambourine, a flute, and a harp before them; and they will be prophesying. Then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you and you will prophesy with them and you will be turned into another man.” (I Samuel 10: 5-6).This passage of scripture is a picture of prophetic worship as well as a demonstration of the power that is released through the prophetic.

Likewise, when a group of believers worship in Spirit and in truth, by the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit, we enter into a supernatural exchange with the Lord. Our hearts open to Him and we are able to receive and experience the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

Prophetic worship is more than just singing and making music; during prophetic worship, intercession is offered, spiritual warfare is waged, prophetic power is released, anointed sounds are produced and creative words are spoken and sent forth. Glory, life, light, and spirit are transmitted. The power of prophetic worship is fully experienced when we as worshipers come together in the unity of the Spirit, with an open heart and a willingness to completely offer our praise to him.

Friends! We at HEAVEN’S CULTURE take this humble opportunity to announce about INFLAME – one day prophetic worship conference in VIJAYAWADA, Andhra Pradesh. We have two precious guests, Lillis Boyer and Sylvia Deall from abroad who has been moving in the gift of PROPHETIC WORSHIP for quiet a long time.

LILLIS BOYER is an itinerant missionary/minister to Kenya, Africa, as well as other third world countries. Besides Kenya, she has ministered in Jamaica, Solomon Islands and Australia. She flows in a prophetic, revelatory and teaching gifting, and has ministers in personal prophetic ministry, through music/worship leading, writing, and her art. She is on staff with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, which is a part of the New Apostolic Reformation movement.IHOP is most well-known for its daily prayer meetings based on its “harp and bowl” worship model that are held 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

SYLVIA DEALL is a childrens pastor, and has a gifting with teaching children to worship and also training childrens workers to teach the children to move in the gifts of the spirit, and hearing God.She is also into the ministry of prophetic flags and banners.

We strongly believe that this would be an wonderful opportunity to take the worship culture in our churches to another level piercing into the realms of the prophetic and the supernatural. As the conference is limited to one day, on the 17th APRIL 2012, we highly recommend to make your opportunity to attend this. Don’t miss this.

DATE : 17th April 2012 from 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

PLACE : VIJAYAWADA, Andhra Pradesh (Venue will be announced shortly)

Registration Fee: Rs.120/- only (Lunch & Tea provided)

Phones: +91 9700 104 229 / +91 9700 104 339
e-mail: heavensculture@gmail.com

For any queries/clarification/details, please feel free to call us on the above number.

We are very much excited to have you again at INFLAME 2012.
See you soon.

With much love and blessings
Samuel Anand
Heavens Culture.

(HEAVEN’S CULTURE is an organ of New Covenant Worship Centre, under the leadership of Pastor Sujatha Roy)

Hearing the VOICE of GOD

Does God speak?

Yes, the Bible says so. Now that we have an answer ‘yes’, there are also immediate questions popping up in regard to that –

To whom does God speak? Does God speak to everyone?

How does His voice sound like?

How holy you need to be to hear the voice of God?

How to hear the voice of God?

Born and brought up in a family that fears God, I too had similar questions coming up in my mind. I grew with a thought that God speaks only to specific people who are holy or worthy enough to hear Him. Later, a question arose in my heart – when He is my Father, how come He doesn’t speak to His son? Here in the world, we do not call it a relation if there is no continual conversation between a father and a son. And being a good Father, how can God be silent without speaking to His sons, and that too everyday!

Psalm 139:17 says, ”How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them!” But how can we know and understand His great and extremely unimaginable thoughts unless He communicates with us. Bible records God’s speaking to His children through many ways. He spoke with a loud roaring voice at Mount Zion and with a little whisper to little Samuel. He spoke through the prophets to some, and through dreams and visions some others. He spoke His wrath through the nature, and His loving care through the miracles. In all these incidents we see God desiring to let us know His heart for us.


Jesus says in John 10:27, ”My sheep hear My voice . . . and they follow Me.” So simple and clear. If you are the sheep of God, you can and will hear His voice.


Psalmist describes God’s voice as a mighty sound (68:33). John describes God’s voice as a sound like many waters (Revelation 1:15). However you describe it, I believe God speaks certainly in a way we can understand. 1 Kings 19:11-12 gives us an encouraging idea of how God’s voice sounds like. In the 12th verse God’s voice is described as a STILL SMALL VOICE. It is as if God is speaking to us in gentle whispers. Certainly this is not the only way that God speaks at all times, but this is the one where He is in a continual conversation with us. The spirit of God residing in us speaks to us in gentle whispers, flashing thoughts and unexpected promptings. However identifying the voice of God is crucial to have ears that can hear Him.

THE 3 SOURCES OF THOUGHTS and their NATURE in hearing the voice of GOD:

– thoughts from God (loving & encouraging)

– thoughts of our own (logical)

– from the enemy (destructive)

Here is one clear example how this would be: Everyone knows that we are supposed to wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler (it is many times compulsory in few cities in India). But most of us don’t like wearing it too. The moment we take our bike out, our inner voice prompts us to put on the helmet warning us that we may be fined. And then, the following thoughts creep into our mind:

1. There may not be any cops on that day.

2. Not all people are following it, so we can take an exception.

3. And even if someone tries to catch us, we may escape and slip off.

Now examine all these thoughts. If the first thought to wear a helmet can be of God, then the logical ones follows to support our desire or wish where as the final one from the enemy tells us that we can run off, or no one can catch us. Things like this happen in our normally everyday life too. (This illustration is just used to make the readers understand)

This is how we can differ between the thoughts or promptings or little whispers of God from our own thoughts and the thoughts of the enemy. So, listening to His gentle promptings, His small voice depends completely upon our relation with Him. A person who is led by God values the thoughts of God. A person who wants to do His own will goes after his own logical thinking, and a person who is walking against God will follow the thoughts of the enemy.

Dear ones, for now I encourage you to activate your hearing to understand the promptings and the gentle whispers of the Spirit of God residing in us.

Please do check here for the next week’s update for the practical exercise on HOW TO HEAR GOD’S VOICE.

Praying like JESUS – Start up!

While REVIVAL is the word mostly talked about in the present Christian world, PRAYER is one word which is so much associated with revivals. I do not know if we have any kindergarten books on developing a prayer life, but once we become a child of God we are summoned on to the battle field.

The disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. Jesus taught them, but we rarely see them praying the way Jesus did. Even in the garden of Gethsemane, while Jesus was praying until His blood became water, the disciples were sleeping. And later in the book of Acts, we see the same disciples being launched into a 24 X 7 prayer which resulted in the invasion of the Holy Spirit on to the earth and also the birthing of the church. Isn’t that amazing?

One of my friends quoted it this way – the best way to learn praying is praying.

While many believe prayer in different ways, I believe PRAYER to be a CONTINUAL COMMUNION WITH GOD. I appreciate people telling about their prayer lives, like I pray one hour a day, three hours a day, six hours a day. That’s really worth. But I believe in constant and continual communion with God – the way Jesus did.

It may seem to be quiet hard to stay in continual communion with God, but this is how I practiced it in the initial days a couple of years back.

Morning – FOCUS ON GOD
Rise up early. Begin your day with 30 minutes prayer & 30 minutes devotional reading by focusing on God.
1. BE STILL – being silent, slowing down and preparing for prayer.
2. BE WORSHIPFUL – giving praise, exaltation of God’s name and worship.
3. BE THANKFUL – giving thanks to God for everything.
(Keep the prayers focused on worship, praying & thanksgiving but not requesting)

Afternoon – FOCUS ON YOU
Begin 30 minutes of intercession focusing on yourself.
1. CONFESSION – personal confession of sin, self examination and surrendering to God.
2. CLOTHE YOURSELF IN THE ARMOR – reading and claiming promises and principles of authority of a believer.
3. CAST YOUR CARE – for personal burdens to be laid down before the cross.

Begin 30 minutes of intercession focusing on others.
1. SOULS – plead with God for your 10 most wanted list.
2. SAINTS – for the body of Christ and families you know by name.
3. MINISTERS – ministers/servants of God (for leaders, pastors etc. in the church)

Come back to the presence of God at a specific time and spend time at His feet. Be ready to receive him as He is longing to visit you.

Friends, I started this simple a couple of years back and when I see into my prayer life now, I can see so much more that God blessed me with. I believe it for you too. May you all be blessed with a life of prayer like Jesus.

God bless.