Left Brain Vs’ Right Brain Praying

Roger. W. Sperry, an American psycho biologist, discovered and developed the concept of two brains- LEFT BRAIN – RIGHT BRAIN theory. He successfully explained and proved people the exact functioning of brain. It was found out that human brain has two different ways of thinking because of two unlike brain. The right side of the brain concentrates more on visual and images while, the left side of the brain deals with the verbal power. In more simple words, people thinking from left side of the brain are more logistical, objective, and methodical. While, the right brained people are more creative, subjective, and thoughtful.

The right side of the brain is regarded as wonderful on creative tasks.

Right brained people can very easily perform task like expressing emotions, playing musical instruments, recognizing images, faces, and colors, revealing strong intuitive, can read emotions and command on creativity.

And the left brained are amazing in logical thinking, questioning, language and numerical subjects, and crucial thinking. There are lot of difference between right brain and left brain.

The right brained generally has specific characteristics such as:

– Concentrates more on images and visual

– Act according to intuition

– Use mind camera to remember things or write down things

– Checks the whole image and then turn to details

– Lack of organization

– Randomly makes plans

– Difficulty in finding spelling or collecting word

– No punctuality

– Like more to touch and feel

– Never follows instruction before handling any equipment

– Express with hand gestures

– Very creative brain

– Question the rules

While, left brained people possess different characteristics like as:

– More inclination towards verbal, symbols, numbers, and words

– Act according to analytical thinking

– Try to remember with the help of words or names instead of using faces and images

– Makes logical decision

– Performs the task step by step

– Very much organized

– Follow their planning and schedules

– Abide by rules and regulations

– Highly punctual

– Grasp mathematical formulas and numbers easily

– Like to observe

– Avoids the use of hand gestures

– Practical and logistic

Most of our education and our daily tasks exercise the left hemisphere of our brains. We have been taught to think, calculate, and analyze using our left brain. The right side of our brain is also ours to use. When we use our whole brain we move into the creative activity of our right brain. Artistic expression, music, and dance exercise the right brain. When we see the big picture and make decisions intuitively we are using the right hemisphere of our brains.

Prayer can be merely a left brain activity. As we verbalize our requests to God, as we develop theological statements, as we study the Bible, we use our left brains. Prayer can also become a wonderful use of our right brains. When we are still before the mystery of God, when we listen for what God is saying to us, when we allow the Spirit to move us intuitively we are using the right hemisphere of our brains.

So much of the religion we practice is left-brained. We listen to intellectual sermons; we read theological books; we learn the teachings of Scripture. But when we allow ourselves to be deeply moved, when our love of God captures our inner being, and when we are engaged in the compassion of Christ, we are using the right half of the brain God has given us.

To use the mind God has given us we should use both sides of our brain. Then, more than words, our prayers become a deeply felt communion with God. Prayer is to love God with mind and heart, body and soul.

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School of Worship

To worship God is to express our love and awe of who He is. In Isaiah 66:1 God says “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool.” He is the Creator of the universe and everything in it, which includes little ones like me and you. How wonderful and amazing is that!

WORSHIP is what God is all about. Worship should matter to us simply because it matters to God. And worship matters to God because He knows He is worthy. I know that does not sound too persuasive in our me-centered culture, but it is true. Worship does not begin with us. Worship begins and ends with God. And God is worthy of all praise, from all people, for all time.

God is the center of everything that exists. He alone is the Creator. Sustainer. Originator. Life Giver. Beauty Maker. That’s why every glimpse into God’s presence throughout the pages of His Word affirms that God dwells in endless praise.

Notice the angel host of Revelation, never ceasing to say, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come” (Revelation 4:8). Never do they stop. Day and night they proclaim, always affirming His infinite worth. And “the heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands” (Psalm 19:1). Why? Because that’s what they were created to do, day after day to proclaim that He is huge, All-powerful, Glorious, Limitless Beyond our wildest imagination.

And you know what’s really wild? This massive God, who has never known any shortage of worship, wants to be worshiped…by you. Wow….. isn’t that really amazing. It’s not that He needs any more worship to be worthy. It’s not that God needs our worship–but that He wants it. He wants it because He deserves it. And He commands it because to do so is the most loving thing we can possibly do.

In the days where ‘worship’ is turned down to be another form of music, we realize the fact that worship is not an art but a HEART THING. Kathryn Scott says, “I think that anywhere there are hearts turned to God – that are willing to be transparent and vulnerable – that’s where there is still vibrant worship.” It might look different in different contexts, but it’s still the type of worship the Father is looking for. Along the way, the melodies will change, and the lyrics depict different aspects of God … but the vibrancy is all to do with what is going on in changed lives.

SCHOOL OF WORSHIP is a place that prepares a generation to become passionate worshipers of the Most High God. It’s all about preparing a generation that is deeply in love with God, who out of their deeper intimacy and relation with God pours out all the love as an expression of worship.

Started in 2009, the school now selects only 50 youngsters from all over the nation to build them up in various areas of their spiritual and personal life, preparing them to be a people who shall worship Him in the Most Holy presence. Some of the topics that are taught in the school include
– Lifestyle of Worship
– Purity & Holiness
– Presence & Glory of God
– Lovers of God
– Heavenly Worship
– Trinity of Worship
– Tabernacle of Worship
– Worship & Warfare
– Prophetic Worship
– Worship & Arts
– Worship Dance

Added to this there will be an optional / selective training & workshops in instrumental worship and other technicalities of worship. Faculty includes various teachers & leaders who are actively involved in worship

School dates : 2012 MAY 1 – 18 (Completely residential)
Age Limit : 14 to 30 years only
  Separate and secured accommodation for BOYS & GIRLS
Course Fee : Rs.2,500/- only (which includes food & accommodation charges)
For applications/enqiury mail us at heavensculture@gmail.com
Last date of receipt of filled in applications : 20th April 2012

For enquiries, call +91 9700 104 229 / 339

DON’T MISS THIS, but hurry! As we limit the admission for just 50 students on first come first served basis.




HEAVEN’S CULTURE is an organ of New Covenant Worship Centre under the leadership of Pastor Sujatha Roy.







To the finite, limited vision of man, your endeavor may seem impossible to accomplish. But Jesus said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27). Remember, GOD is the Creator, and He has commanded you, His creation, to subdue the earth. Genesis 1:28.

Every adversity you will face ever has already been provided for, but you must choose to enforce what Jesus has done and overcome the work of the devil that attempts to hinder God’s design. He is the creator, you are the enforcer. You are called to be an imitator of GOD. You are called to your promised land, not to the land of mediocrity.

We serve a God who is more than enough! So, don’t compromise His greatness by setting for marginal progress or average thinking.

I feel like writing the same lines from my previous post again and again – There is a strength within that you have not yet experienced. Because you are His creation, fashioned in His image. He knows your limitations, and it is by His power that you are able to thrive.

…for with GOD all things are possible. May you become a sign and wonder for the world and a joy to many generations.

Keep going….we shall dig deeper!



Your eyes say my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them. Psalm 139:16.

Before you ever came into existence, God had a design for your life. Your days are written in eternity by the Author and Finisher of all things. Therefore, nothing you go through comes as a shock to God. There is no enticing snare of the devil for which God has not already made provision.

During troublesome and strenuous times, you may find yourself wandering about as one who has no hope, but realize the truth that you do have incredible significance in the eyes of God. He is King over your life. He desires to rule over every problem and troubling situation that you will ever face.

Days have been ordained on your behalf. You still do have choices and free will, and there may be variety of ways in which your design is realized, but you need to choose to walk in His design- not in your own. There is a strength within that you have not yet experienced. Because you are His creation, fashioned in His image, He knows your limitations, and it is by His power that you are able to thrive.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). In Him there is no variation or shadow of turning (James 1:17). He was before all things and created all things (Colossians 1:16-17). Regardless of how you feel about your present circumstances, the Lord knew you and planned your destiny before creation. You formed my inward parts; you covered me in my mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). He knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end (Revelation 1:8).

Jeremiah 29:11 says, For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. God has great expectation in His heart concerning you and your life. He believes in you even if you’ve never believed in yourself and knows, with all His sovereign wisdom, that you can do that for which He designed you. He gives you the potential to finish the course, and He knows that, through His Son Jesus Christ, you can make it all the way.

Read Psalm 139:13-17.

Stay tuned precious ones…..


Believe it or not, regardless of your present situation, you were created with a destiny: to fulfill a God ordained and God designed purpose. Unfortunately for many of us, the circumstances of life often seem to force us to surrender to the trails of life, driving us into the corner of mediocrity, when all the while, we have a Father who wants us to experience a life that’s full and overflowing with blessing and meaning.

We need to know and accept the fact that there is a God who has designed a great life for each one of us. Before the foundations of the world, in the mind of the Sovereign One, you were created with destiny and purpose residing within you. No longer you should live beneath your privilege, expecting little from life and receiving even less. If your vision has been clouded by the cares of this world and you’ve ceased to move toward your destiny, be encouraged.

You need to understand that you were placed on earth with a purpose. Your position in Christ is much greater than that your present circumstance might reflect. Many great men and women in the Bible faced the same stigma of defeat until the miraculous hand of God opened their spiritual eyes to reveal who they really were and why they were created. It is vitally important to recognize your spiritual authority and purpose in the Kingdom. The enemy will often send all manner of distractions to steer us toward an alternate destination – the wasteland of defeat.

But God knows you from the foundations of the earth. God has recorded every day of your life in His book. There was more to your life than what you’d been experiencing. Look forward to walk in the newness of life that God has promised. Start seeing the bigger picture of God’s purpose for your life.

Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you.” There is nothing about you that is a surprise to God. He knew about the trails you would face, but He also knew that one day He would deliver you and propel you into your purpose.

Friends, I welcome you into an exciting journey with me to find out the type of life God has designed on your behalf before the foundation of the world.

I shall be writing on this topic with many of my life’s experiences, every Wednesday. Stay tuned….you’ll be amazed by His plans for you.

You are a masterpiece !!!


In the days of the prophet Elijah, there arose a company of men who were called the sons of the prophets. These men traveled through out the world ravaging the powers of darkness and wreaking havoc on evil kingdoms. They raised the dead, healed the sick, parted waters, destroyed false prophets, and saw revival spread our through their land. They were feared by many and respected by all. They walked in great purity and GOD was their friend.

In Acts 3:25 Peter says “It is you who are the sons of the prophets.” It is time for the body of Christ to rise up and receive our inheritance! We must rid ourselves of complacency and restore the ancient boundaries of holiness and demonstrations of great power. This is the time where God is ready to demonstrate His raw, superior power through His Church. We are in the midst of the greatest revival in human history.

You are the bridge between history and HIS story.


The sick, the demonized, the poor, the blind, the lame and the lost are all waiting to see what you have learned. The earth is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God.

Don’t disappoint them!!!