The Fragrant Perfume

We hear of various patterns about entering GOD’s presence. Although all are true and acceptable, there are few things to keep in mind before doing so.

Did you ever give a thought if at all you are called in by the President of your nation for a dinner? Would you dress up and go to him/her as you normally are in your home? No way. We follow a lot of protocol to get in there. Then why would we take it so easy to enter the Presence of GOD, the Maker of Heaven and Earth?

We all know the story of Esther in the Bible. Read this verse carefully from the book of Esther.

Before a young woman’s turn came to go in to King Xerxes, she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatments prescribed for the women, six months with oil of myrrh and six with perfumes and cosmetics. Esther 2:12.

Any woman to enter into the presence of the king has to undergo 12 months of training. Her training for the first 6 months is a treatment with oil of myrrh. When we refer the ancient uses of myrrh and its significance the records says myrrh is a tree resin that has been used and valued since ancient times for its medicinal, cosmetic, aromatic and spiritual applications. The oil obtained from it was used for healing wounds. The health benefits of myrrh oil can be attributed to its properties like anti microbial, astringent, expectorant, anti fungal, stimulant, carminative, stomachic, anti catarrhal, diaphoretic, vulnerary, antiseptic, immune booster, circulatory, tonic, anti inflammatory and anti spasmodic.

The later 6 months included a treatment with the oils scented with perfume, sweet odors and cosmetics. From ancient to till date, perfumes are always sprayed as an addition to add to the body odor after taking a fresh bath or cleansing. Also they were used as a significant possession by people of the high class society or of the higher order. The fact here is, before being scented with perfumes and cosmetics the young women need a deep cleansing with the oil of myrrh. It’s a known truth that if we don’t cleanse enough and scent our self with the perfume over the dirt on our body, we smell like a decayed organism. Don’t ever try that 🙂

When it comes to entering the presence of the King of Kings, often we enter into worship without much needed preparation. We worship generally before we hear God’s word which means it is something done as a part of preparing a group of people/ church/ meeting to hear the sermon for the day, but worship is rather lot more than that. WORSHIP is to please the King! And we worship him for who HE is, what HE is and it is needed to be done in perfect adoration & love. Worship is something that should come out of our life rather than out of our mouth.

Worship is like a perfume which is to anoint him as Mary Magdalene anointed the feet of Jesus with the costliest perfume. I recently heard a song which says

“Let the fragrance of my worship steal Your Heart! Let the fragrance of my praise fill Your Holy place”

Worship is an opportunity to anoint him with the perfumes of our fragrant lives. But before that we need to get ourselves ready with a deeper cleansing with the oil of myrrh, an antiseptic – a healing agent which will clean every stagnant, dirt accumulating cells, wounded or half healed places, bleeding points in our heart, mind and soul. Often we neglect this fact of the required cleansing needed in our lives and we go into his presence to spray perfumes. Always it is necessary that we keep a check on our lives in prayer asking GOD for a deeper cleansing from all the earthly unnecessary things we carry in our life, and then when we present our selves to worship him in truth and spirit you offer him a perfume that be a sweet aroma to the King of Kings.

The Bible says in Mathew 26:13 “… wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.”

The fragrance of a perfume can never be restricted to a single place. We do observe this daily- whenever somebody sprays a perfume they carry the scented smell wherever they go. Mary’s worship was so perfumed that JESUS himself told wherever the Gospel is preached this woman’s deed will be proclaimed. The secret behind is that she had a deeper cleansing of repentance, broken heart and a life of realization of who she was and the value of salvation she received through the forgiveness of Jesus. As a result she prepared herself with the oil of myrrh closing down every root of dirt in her life.

This is exactly what we need these days as youngsters, a cleansing with the oil of myrrh. Only then will we smell perfumed. I encourage you readers to spend ample amount of time first to get this inner cleansing from time to time often and then when we offer ourselves in worship our life becomes a sweet fragrance to the world. God desires your perfumed smell to spread across this world which is decayed and rotten by the sin. Gear up dear brothers & sisters, let the fragrance of your praise fill HIS HOLY PLACE!!!

(Guest Post by ABIGAIL : Abigail is a ministering friend of mine who is a passionate worshiper, writer & intercessor who has a very close and intimate walk with God. She is a gifted child serving the body of Chrsit through her various gifts. I appreciate your comments on this article which would be an encouragement to her. God bless folks.)

5 responses to “The Fragrant Perfume

  1. GOD is good to Israel thru Esther & so is HE thru us to HIS church.The above instructions are superb for the condition of heart to enter into the presence of our King.Thanks alot Abigial for posting this.

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