DOWNPOUR 2012 – Vijayawada

Dear Friends!

It is so amazing to meet you this way. I am very much excited to inform you about DOWNPOUR 2012, a 3 day event of SEEKING and SOAKING in the PRESENCE OF GOD

I wish to share few things regarding DOWNPOUR 2012 to make you understand our heart in having this event.

Long back, almost 3 years, I was once going through my regular bible study in the morning and I happened to read 33rd chapter of Exodus. It speaks about the TABERNACLE OF MEETING where Moses used to talk with God on a regular basis. I was stuck at the 11th verse . . .it says, “So, the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend……! ” When my mind caught the attention of this verse, an unknown hunger started birthing in my heart for that FACE TO FACE conversation with God, an encounter with the glorious God. I read the same chapter many times, read many books about having a relation with God, and did all that I can do to have that. My quest is on…..

And surprisingly, I happened to meet a man of God from Bangalore whose name is SHYJU MATHEW. And it opened a way for me to attend a Young Leaders Conference called TENT OF MEETING arranged by his ministry. And it is at this place, my hunger for that extravagant relation with God intensified. Despite of the hunger that continued in my heart and deep inside my belly the insights I was taught there started making a way into that relation with GOD.

The key thing what TOM imparted into my life is having a LIFE OF PRAYER. And very soon I came to know that the thirst for HIM shall be satisfied in HIS PRESENCE alone. As, I started building up my life having not just a PRAYER LIFE(TIME) but a LIFE OF PRAYER, I could find my utmost pleasure in seeking HIM, experiencing HIS divine love moment after moment and the joy of having HIS PRESENCE surrounding me all the day.

Friends! Psalm 24:6 speaks about a generation who will seek HIS FACE. DOWNPOUR is all about SEEKING HIS FACE & SOAKING IN HIS PRESENCE for 3 days. Its all about gathering together the present generation and stir up their hearts to love the Father with an extravagant love and enjoy the presence of the glorious GOD. Imagine how would it be to have a complete generation seeking HIS face. Awesome, isn’t it. DOWNPOUR is just a start of that great call…raising up a PSALM 24 generation.

Its our blessing and pleasure to introduce to you the precious and wonderful man of GOD SHYJU MATHEW, recognised to be the prophet of this revival age, igniting a passion for GOD among the youngsters of this generation. SHYJU ministers all around the world in many countries. As an young man of just 25 years he challenges the present generation to grow in a much intimate relation with GOD. So, we request you to not miss this wonderful opportunity to start the destined year 2012, SOAKING in the presence of GOD. Shyju & his precious wife Tiny joined with a bunch of anointed men of God and worship leaders from different parts of the nation will definitely make the 3 days life transforming as they minister under the anointing of the most High GOD.

DOWNPOUR 2012 will be a conference limited for just 500 youngsters only on registration. The conference is located in a very serene environment, ZION BIBLE COLLEGE CHAPEL, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The conference will start sharp at 6 pm on the 12th of Jan 2012. There will be an amazing sessions of WORD OF GOD both morning and evening which will be enriched by a glorious time of continous worship and extended times of prayer. The conference ends on 14th of Jan around 3 pm with a fresh anointing and impartation from GOD.


Delegates who are from the city of Vijayawada & also the delegates who come from outside but do not need any accommodation. Registration Fee includes afternoon lunch.

Delegates coming from outside Vijayawada and require an accommodation. Registration Fee includes breakfast, lunch and dinner along with basic accommodation.

As the registration is limited please make sure that you register as early as possible.

Registrations close on 20th Dec 2011.

Phones: +91 9700 104 229 / +91 9700 104 339

You can use the following bank details to pay your registration fee:

Account Holder Name : SUJATHA ROY
A/c.No. 630 601 151 279
Account Branch: Vijayawada

Account Holder Name: B.A.SAMUEL
A/c.No. 310 348 89534
Account Branch: GUDLAVALLERU

You can also send us a D.D or M.O. to the address below
21-9/1-16, Opp.Gowtham Public School
Madhuranagar, VIAJAYAWADA – 520 011
Andhra Pradesh

(Please do not forget to mention it to us if you deposit the money in the bank to avoid confusion)

There will also be a resource center with lot of books/cds/accessories which will surely be helpful. Come prepared.

For any queries/clarification/details, please feel free to call us on the above number.

We are very much excited to have you here with us at DOWNPOUR 2012. Come prepared. You will see a great shift in your spiritual life and atmosphere. I encourage you to go through Exodus 33 before you come here.

With much love and blessings
Samuel Anand
Heavens Culture.

 (Heaven’s Culture is an organ of New Covenant Worship Centre, under the leadership of Pastor SUJATHA ROY) 


Hearing the VOICE of GOD

Does God speak?

Yes, the Bible says so. Now that we have an answer ‘yes’, there are also immediate questions popping up in regard to that –

To whom does God speak? Does God speak to everyone?

How does His voice sound like?

How holy you need to be to hear the voice of God?

How to hear the voice of God?

Born and brought up in a family that fears God, I too had similar questions coming up in my mind. I grew with a thought that God speaks only to specific people who are holy or worthy enough to hear Him. Later, a question arose in my heart – when He is my Father, how come He doesn’t speak to His son? Here in the world, we do not call it a relation if there is no continual conversation between a father and a son. And being a good Father, how can God be silent without speaking to His sons, and that too everyday!

Psalm 139:17 says, ”How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them!” But how can we know and understand His great and extremely unimaginable thoughts unless He communicates with us. Bible records God’s speaking to His children through many ways. He spoke with a loud roaring voice at Mount Zion and with a little whisper to little Samuel. He spoke through the prophets to some, and through dreams and visions some others. He spoke His wrath through the nature, and His loving care through the miracles. In all these incidents we see God desiring to let us know His heart for us.


Jesus says in John 10:27, ”My sheep hear My voice . . . and they follow Me.” So simple and clear. If you are the sheep of God, you can and will hear His voice.


Psalmist describes God’s voice as a mighty sound (68:33). John describes God’s voice as a sound like many waters (Revelation 1:15). However you describe it, I believe God speaks certainly in a way we can understand. 1 Kings 19:11-12 gives us an encouraging idea of how God’s voice sounds like. In the 12th verse God’s voice is described as a STILL SMALL VOICE. It is as if God is speaking to us in gentle whispers. Certainly this is not the only way that God speaks at all times, but this is the one where He is in a continual conversation with us. The spirit of God residing in us speaks to us in gentle whispers, flashing thoughts and unexpected promptings. However identifying the voice of God is crucial to have ears that can hear Him.

THE 3 SOURCES OF THOUGHTS and their NATURE in hearing the voice of GOD:

– thoughts from God (loving & encouraging)

– thoughts of our own (logical)

– from the enemy (destructive)

Here is one clear example how this would be: Everyone knows that we are supposed to wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler (it is many times compulsory in few cities in India). But most of us don’t like wearing it too. The moment we take our bike out, our inner voice prompts us to put on the helmet warning us that we may be fined. And then, the following thoughts creep into our mind:

1. There may not be any cops on that day.

2. Not all people are following it, so we can take an exception.

3. And even if someone tries to catch us, we may escape and slip off.

Now examine all these thoughts. If the first thought to wear a helmet can be of God, then the logical ones follows to support our desire or wish where as the final one from the enemy tells us that we can run off, or no one can catch us. Things like this happen in our normally everyday life too. (This illustration is just used to make the readers understand)

This is how we can differ between the thoughts or promptings or little whispers of God from our own thoughts and the thoughts of the enemy. So, listening to His gentle promptings, His small voice depends completely upon our relation with Him. A person who is led by God values the thoughts of God. A person who wants to do His own will goes after his own logical thinking, and a person who is walking against God will follow the thoughts of the enemy.

Dear ones, for now I encourage you to activate your hearing to understand the promptings and the gentle whispers of the Spirit of God residing in us.

Please do check here for the next week’s update for the practical exercise on HOW TO HEAR GOD’S VOICE.