Praying like JESUS – Start up!

While REVIVAL is the word mostly talked about in the present Christian world, PRAYER is one word which is so much associated with revivals. I do not know if we have any kindergarten books on developing a prayer life, but once we become a child of God we are summoned on to the battle field.

The disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. Jesus taught them, but we rarely see them praying the way Jesus did. Even in the garden of Gethsemane, while Jesus was praying until His blood became water, the disciples were sleeping. And later in the book of Acts, we see the same disciples being launched into a 24 X 7 prayer which resulted in the invasion of the Holy Spirit on to the earth and also the birthing of the church. Isn’t that amazing?

One of my friends quoted it this way – the best way to learn praying is praying.

While many believe prayer in different ways, I believe PRAYER to be a CONTINUAL COMMUNION WITH GOD. I appreciate people telling about their prayer lives, like I pray one hour a day, three hours a day, six hours a day. That’s really worth. But I believe in constant and continual communion with God – the way Jesus did.

It may seem to be quiet hard to stay in continual communion with God, but this is how I practiced it in the initial days a couple of years back.

Morning – FOCUS ON GOD
Rise up early. Begin your day with 30 minutes prayer & 30 minutes devotional reading by focusing on God.
1. BE STILL – being silent, slowing down and preparing for prayer.
2. BE WORSHIPFUL – giving praise, exaltation of God’s name and worship.
3. BE THANKFUL – giving thanks to God for everything.
(Keep the prayers focused on worship, praying & thanksgiving but not requesting)

Afternoon – FOCUS ON YOU
Begin 30 minutes of intercession focusing on yourself.
1. CONFESSION – personal confession of sin, self examination and surrendering to God.
2. CLOTHE YOURSELF IN THE ARMOR – reading and claiming promises and principles of authority of a believer.
3. CAST YOUR CARE – for personal burdens to be laid down before the cross.

Begin 30 minutes of intercession focusing on others.
1. SOULS – plead with God for your 10 most wanted list.
2. SAINTS – for the body of Christ and families you know by name.
3. MINISTERS – ministers/servants of God (for leaders, pastors etc. in the church)

Come back to the presence of God at a specific time and spend time at His feet. Be ready to receive him as He is longing to visit you.

Friends, I started this simple a couple of years back and when I see into my prayer life now, I can see so much more that God blessed me with. I believe it for you too. May you all be blessed with a life of prayer like Jesus.

God bless.


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