HABITATION, not just visitation

The Israelites rarely took a time to thank God for His mighty acts because they were too busy compiling ‘want lists’ and complaints connected with their physical and personal desires. The vast majority of us does the something today.

However, Moses wanted something more. He had experienced the miracles. He had heard God’s voice and witnessed His delivering power more than any other person alive at that time. He even experienced manifest presence of God in measure, in temporary visitation. But everything he saw and experienced in God told him that there was ‘much more’ for him beyond the cloud. He longed for more than visitation, his soul longed for habitation. He wanted more than just seeing God’s finger or hearing His voice speaking from a cloud or a burning bush. He had gone beyond, and God’s abiding presence had become his consuming desire.

Exodus 33:18 speaks about it – Moses asking God, “Please, show me Your glory.”

He wanted to see God’s face!

God was quick to grant Moses’ request for Israel, that His presence would go before the people. But God  didn’t grant Moses’ most urgent request directly. First God said that He would cause all His goodness to pass before Moses. Then the Lord explained to Moses that he cannot see God’s face, lest he die. Most people would be more than happy with that answer, but Moses has tasted the unearthly joy of the Lord’s presence and he was acquiring a taste for God that couldn’t be satisfied from a safe distance. A hunger had been ignited in his being that would drive him to risk death in God’s presence.

The Lord told Moses to present himself to Him on the top of  the mountain the next morning. Read Exodus 33:18-23.

So God came in His glory at the speed of light or faster to proclaim His divine name and pass by in His glory. As He passed by, from the cleft in the rock Moses could see the backside of His glory disappearing in the distance. Even though the brief revelation came as a flash, it made such an impact on Moses that he was able to dictate the Book of Genesis for later generations, the backside, the history of the creation.

Wow….isn’t that amazing? This is the season we go beyond the satisfaction of the touch of His presence or the glimpse of His glory. A season to desire ‘something more’ from God. His desire is to stay with us, in us and over us. His desire is to make us His dwelling place, a habitation for His abiding glory. Ask for more and more and more. Walk beyond the satisfaction of His visitation and run after Him until you become His habitation.


One response to “HABITATION, not just visitation

  1. Amazing post. I thank God for the revelations and thoughts. Keep posting.
    Always in my prayers.

    Remember: God brings beauty out of ashes.


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