Christians around the world are saying, “We want REVIVAL; we want a MOVE OF GOD.” It is something a common phrase heard in the churches, and among believers these days.

2 Samuel 6:1-11 gives us an illustration of David’s first attempt to bring the ark of God (God’s presence) to Jerusalem.  This picture perfectly suits the desire of the church to bring REVIVAL to their cities/nations. But unfortunately, we haven’t learned from David’s mistakes. We cram the holy things of God on a new cart of man’s making, thinking that God will be pleased. Then we are shocked when we discover His disdain. We expect somebody or something else to sweat out the hard part of revival. All we want to do is sing and dance in the procession. These man centered revival celebrations go as smoothly as they can until we hit the bump at the threshing floor.

These speed bumps on the road to revival may well be the hand of God saying – “No more of that! If you really want to move Me from ‘Heaven to earth’, you are going to sweat it out. Don’t try to transport my glory on man made programs, methods, agendas, schedules . . . you can have your cart or My ark, but not both.

7 th verse – Uzzah died when he tried to stabilize what God has shaken. We are trying to create a Uzzah-friendly environment when we prefer man’s comfort above God’s. A man of God puts it this way – Seeker friendly is fine, but spirit friendly is fire!

To the mind of man, it is logical to put a heavy box on a cart for such a long journey. The ark of the covenant was a box with gopher wood overlaid with gold in and out. Measuring about four feet long, two and a half feet wide and deep each.. imagine how much the ark weighed, for gold being one of the densest and heaviest materials. Still, carrying the ark on the cart is how the Philistines did it. God has told Moses that the ark should be transported only on the shoulders of the sanctified Levites. God doesn’t think like men do. His ways- the road to a holy revival – is higher and sweatier.

This is the time that God is looking for self sacrificed Levites who are willing to sweat themselves in carrying the presence on their shoulders. No matter the prayers, no matter the programmes, no matter the singing and dancing, no matter the unity…. all that God needs is few Levites prepared to burn out in carrying the presence of GOD. One man willing to bear the pain can make a difference. People look to the procession, people look to the leader leading the procession, people look to the costumes, people look all the other things…..but God’s eyes are searching for that one self sacrificed Levite who can make all the difference.




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