Only dead men see God’s face, so when you go behind that veil you have to say, “I am not really alive anymore. I’m a walking dead man.”

“…therefore, brethren ….. present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God,” Romans 12:1.

The high priest in the old new that he was a “dead man walking” when the other priests tied a rope around his ankle while he looked at the heavy veil seperating him from the Holy of Holies. The only way he would ever walk out of that room alive was solely by the mercy and grace of God. We don’t understand the delicate matter of approaching the glory of God today. If the glory of God ever showed up in full measure, we’ll all be dead. Mountains melt at His manifest presence. Judges 5:5, Nahum 1:5.

We need to grasp something more particular about the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 1:29 says, “That no flesh should glory in His presence.” If there is flesh present when the glory of God comes, then it will have to be dead flesh, because nothing can live in that presence. Only mortal thing that can remain in His manifest presence and stand is “dead flesh”, and only dead men can see His face.

Allegorically speaking, When the moment of truth finally came, the high priest would carefully dip his finger in the blood of the sacrifice and daub it on his earlobes. He would apply some more to each of his thumbs and on his toes. Once the blood of the death is applied the priest would take a deep breath and take one last look at the mortal realm. Then the priest would take a handful of holy incense and drop it on the top of the embers, which would create a thick billowing cloud of sweet smelling smoke. The priest would stick this censer under the veil and swing it back and forth until the smoke completely filled the Holy of Holies. Then he would gently life the bottom hem of the heavy veil and crawl into the Most Holy Place with fear and trembling, desperately hoping he would come back alive.

Knees are better than feet for entering the Holy of Holies.


2 responses to “WALKING DEAD MAN

  1. “I want to know YOU, I want to see YOUR face”, that was my prayer and my heart cry tonight….to a place of abandoned love and intimacy with the King….
    …love your posts Anna….blessings…

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