David did two things to make sure God’s presence remained in Jerusalem.

First, he prepared a place for God’s presence by constructing a tabernacle without walls or a veil. Second, he created a living mercy seat of worship in the tabernacle so God would be pleased to remain in that humble sanctuary.

David learned a vital secret – if you want to keep that blue flame there, somebody has to tend the fire! The blue flame of the God’s shekinah presence should be fueled by sacrificial worship. We have no right to call for the fire of God unless we are willing to be the fuel of God.

Just a look into the tabernacle built by Moses (Exodus 25:18-20) – the wings of the cherubim that Moses built touched each other as they encircled and covered the mercy seat where the presence of God would sit just above the covering. The two golden cherubim weren’t cast or poured into molds. God said that the gold used to form the covering cherubim had to be beaten into proper shape and position.

The way we can build a mercy seat is to take our position as purified, beaten worshipers. Revelation 3:18, Romans 8:29 speaks about purity, brokenness and unity – the three components of true worship under the new covenant of the blood of Jesus.

Brokenness on earth creates openness in the heavens.


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