Friendship with GOD is built by sharing all of our life experiences with HIM. He wants to be included in every activity, every conversation, every problem and even every thought. We need to carry on a continuous, open ended conversation with HIM throughout our day. Everything we do can be SPENDING TIME WITH GOD if HE is invited to be a part of it and we stay aware of HIS PRESENCE. The key to friendship with GOD is not changing what we do, but changing our attitude towards what we do. This is God’s ideal.

In Eden, worship was not an event to attend, but a perpetual attitude. Practicing the presence of GOD is a skill, habit we can develop. We must force ourself to think about God at different times in our day. We must train our mind to remember God.

The goal is not a feeling, but a continual awareness of the reality that God is always present. That is truly a LIFESTYLE OF WORSHIP.



  1. Hi anna,
    Nice to hear the word of GOd from your pen, which are kept in your heart.
    go ahead.
    urs in Christ,
    Rhema Tychicus

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