God remembers when lucifer and the sons of the morning used to sing His praises with unearthly beauty and power. It is as if He says, “When will that be restored?” He is still surrounded by six winged seraphim who unceasingly declare His glory, but He misses the SONG OF THE HEART.

If music fell when Satan fell, then that explains why the bulk of the Satanic influence in our world comes from the realm of music. Music is his venue. The church spends countless hours arranging music scores, rehearsing  choirs and singers to make sure they are just right. Yet no matter how much energy we spend pursuing excellence, we many times can compete with the world’s orchestras, bands and artists.

Our music may many times not be as good as that of the world’s music but there is still one arena in which no one can compete with us- the art and ability to pull down the manifest presence of God.

Technical perfection may win the praise of men, but only the anointing and glory of God can melt their hardened hearts.

Perfected music won’t do, but perfected praise attracts HIM.

The creator is longing not for the music of this world system/standards but for a song from the hearts of His beloved sons. A song from you alone . . . the love song which makes the lover of your soul invade your heart.

Ohhhh….this is the season where God is desperate to listen some love songs. The desperate lovers of GOD like Mary Magdalene, John, David . . .!!!! Can there be few Shulamytes’ who can sing – “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”



  1. oh! i jus luv dis so muchh..cant keep my mind out of this..its dragging my attention every now and then..God bless u more samnya..

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